New guy here excited to build.

Hello to all. I would like to start by saying thank you to the creators of the Arduino and the ones who put this site together. I would like to say thank you to all the people here putting time into helping others and crunching out code. I can tell you for awhile now I have been watching you grow and waiting for the day that I too can indulge in such goodness of projects. Every time I come here I check the forums and I find they are active, informative and assertive! And I like it. So thank you guys for putting this all together and helping the kid side of me come out. It is true joy to finally be able to indulge in some of my projects. And I choose ARDUINO!! Thank You.

With that said what brings me here besides you very cool platforms and sensors is a very special project inside my heart. For years I have been dreaming of building this project and it is finally here. I have designed a custom growing chamber which can replicate the hemispheres and give cultivars their natural environment. Simple thermostat with a few extra relays on timers.

My problem is I am new to Arduino. I have taken 1 course on Arduino so far and am doing my 2nd course now. But as you all know there is so much to all of this. I come here for advice, for freelancers and direction from this great community.

So hello to all.
Thank you for this community.
I am looking forward to learning.
Thank you in advanced for all your help.


Where is the best place to post my build and ask questions?

Are there freelancers on here who are looking for projects?

If i wanted to open source my project what would be the best way?

This place is great.

Thank you,

Where is the best place to post my build and ask questions?

Questions on code that is causing you problems belongs in the Programming Questions section. Non programming questions about things like the feasibility of a project belong the the Project Guidance section but there are no hard and fast rules

Are there freelancers on here who are looking for projects?

Yes there are. The Gigs and Collaborations section is the place to post asking for paid help if you are willing to pay for it

Welcome to the hobby.

What have you been able to make so far ?

What is your background ?

The forum titles should be adequate for you to determine where postings should be placed.

Awesome guys thanks for the tips.

My experience is very little in programming. I have completed one course for the Arduino and am working on my second course now. What I have learned is I will need guidance from a person with much experience with Arduino.

A little about myself. I am a welder from Alaska for over 15 years then turned Welding Inspector about 6 years ago. So very much yes I am out of my league here. But I am computer savvy a little and I am willing to learn.

I will create a post in the Gigs section Titled " Grow Chamber". I will seek to find someone who can help me with the sketch. I will discuss price with them. I expect nothing for free.

So far what I have accomplished is getting the hardware rounded up. I have no coding ability at this moment. I have watched numbers of walkthroughs for Arduino Thermostat but haven't taken any steps yet.

Thank you for all your help guys.

Master the examples that come with the IDE.

Once you understand them, try a few small projects.

If you run into problems ask for help.

Excellent advice. I will look into those. Thank you.