New to the world of RF

Dear arduino friends.

first of all i am looking for an good tutorial about arduino vs radio freqency control. but i only find tutorials about 2 arduino's communicating true RF what u want to do is something else.

my project is quite simple.

i want to use a 3 channel RF remote on my motorcycle that does the following

  1. when i push the first button the arduino board goes from stand by mode to full operation mode so al my features from the arduino board will work (such as indicator lights, measurements, etc...) when i push a second time the arduino goes back to stand by mode.

  2. while i push the second button a relay will close so then i switch off my engine. if i stop pressing the relay opens again.

  3. when i push this button once my front and rear light will lit and go off by a second push.

so first of all which components i need to use? i was thinking about a velleman remote but after looking for tutorials i see al lot about Xbee would this be better recommended?

and is there a lib for this with an tutorial because i really don't know where to start

maybe someone can give me a peace of code which hold parts of the whole solution?

thanks in advance

jazzy GĂ©rard

#2 and #3 are easy. Your Arduino listens for RF codes from your remote and digitalWrites appropriate pins depending on the codes. What codes are sent depends on what remote you use.

#1 is a little more difficult. You'll need to set up an interrupt for the RF Rx module pin. The interrupt is what will allow the Arduino to come out of a sleep state (it won't truly be OFF, but it draws so little power in sleep that it won't run your motorcycle battery down).