New VFD Libraries

I recently created two different VFD libraries:

Both libraries are modeled after the standard LiquidCrystal library. These modules are available surplus for a small fraction of their original cost so you can get a large, bright and cool display for similar budget to a small LCD. Both displays can be updated very quickly for implementing animating text effects.

Oh my. I really like VFDs. Thank you for posting this.

Do you have a good surplus source for these two displays? Are there other compatible displays?



On where to get these displays:

The 4x20 display is available new on eBay for about $35 w/ shipping and includes a cable to make hookup easier. These are mine and I have more than I need.

The 2x20 display is available new from Prime Electronic Components for the awesome price of $4 a piece and not so awesome shipping price of about $13. I bought two of them to help offset shipping. . They are not for every project because of complex driving requirements and large size but hey, they are cheap. The library handles all the driving but there are some limitations on your sketch, as documented on the page linked to at the top of the thread.

I've created a third library for a surplus VFD currently sold by BG Micro for $30 + shipping.

Hey look, I can insert pictures. This display is super nice if you like larger characters and the retro look.

Also, if anyone knows of other surplus VFD’s or cool displays that need some reverse engineering or a library, please let me know. I seem to have an addiction and need a fix.


Thank you for both the work to make these function with our Arduinos and the hunt for the sources.

Dunno why but I have always liked VFD displays. (I’ve been accused of being odd.) :wink:

If I have any money left next week I’ll see about buying one of those NCR displays you offer.

just completed the payment process, send one out!

Thanks guys.

I've added another library. It is not my favorite display but the code was done so I put it up anyway.

Mine arrived today, looking forward to trying it out. Need to get a blank atmega programmed with a bootloader first so I can download a sketch (blew one up in a miswired box, used my last working one in a project, so now I need to learn how to program blank ones.

This looks like the way got to give it a try next I suppose.


That breadboard setup works with both an ISP programmer and an Arduino as an ISP. At least both methods work here in my scary little lab...

Titanium... I'm out of money this week so no toys in the budget. Hopefully I'll have some money left in my PayPal next week...


Hi members or users :

I am on the search how to connect a 4X20 NORITAKE CU20045-UW4J VFD display to my ARDUINO MEGA 2560 Could any one help further on the way with software expansion of the LIBRARIES for those displays. What is the real connection diagram for those displays to the ARDUINO MEGA 2560. what about the setup of the brightness What is de software code for this last purpose.

Kindly regards Jean .

i need help
i have telemecanique xbt-k70101 vfd display (1 row 20 characters), is it possible to connect with Arduino Mega