NewHaven COG LCD interfacing

I'm trying to connect this newhaven lcd screen to my arduino.

I thought this was an SPI device, but I don't recognize how the pins are labeled. There's a serial input (SI) and clock (SCL) and chip select (CSB) but then there's no MISO pin and there's this "RS: Register Select Signal. RS=0: instruction; RS=1: data" pin. I'm not sure how to connect that, and I'm also not clear whether I can use the standard arduino library for SPI. Anyone used this type of interface before.

Thanks, Rich

Let me ask another question, and I hesitate to do this, cause I know someone will take it as me being a jerk, but it's actually a serious question. How can I better pose my questions so as to be more likely to get a response from the many knowledgeable people on here? I'm just learning a lot of this stuff, so am I using the wrong terminology? are my questions not clear? too vague? I've posted a few questions so far and haven't gotten much response at all. I've read enough of this forum to know that there are a whole lot of very knowledgeable people on here, and I just want to learn how to effectively tap into that.