Nextion display

Anyone have experience with the itead nextion smart displays?

I'm have troubles sending text to a text box. Looks like I'm missing something but not sure what it is.


You want to send text to a text box, but how? Writing in the nextion itself of using for example an Arduino?

I am having also a problem but is when I write into a text box using a keyboard that I have created using nextion editor and then I want to use what was written to send it into a variable on my Arduino, it's not working. I am not able to get from nextion to my arduino what I type on my nextion keyboard.

Can someone help?


You already started your own thread on this (click !). Do not cross post. Do not resurrect old threads that died months ago. Also do not assume everybody knows what 'nextion' is about (you shouldn't assume anything at all).

Instead, go to your own thread, and explain there that it isn't text you are sending from Arduino to display you want to receive, but the text you are typing on some on screen keyboard.