Nextion Editor Error: Invalid Variables

Hello, it's my first time using the Nextion display!

In the Nextion Editor

If anyone could help me out with my Error: Invalid Variables, that would be great. I
I click on the message and the Attribute box comes up. How to know which variable is not correct?


Unsure where to put my post, so I selected General section.

One could maybe help, if you were to show the code that does not compile.

The Nextion syntax is very strict, a blank at the wrong place could lead to the errors shown.
Here it is probably more like wrong braces, 'Menu(' is a strange expression,
but without context I don't even know what you try to accomplish.

Problem solved. Not allowed spaces for page names.

Spaces are disallowed nearly everywhere, those poor spaces, I feel for them. :grinning:

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