Nextion LCD-Uploader via Arduino DUE

I've just found this for the Mega - but I don't even know if it works or how to use it.

Kind of ridiculous to put an relay in my device just to swap the TX/RX wires from the DUE to an external USB-TTL/FTDI Adapter, but I guess this is exactly whats going to happen :laughing:

Could I tristate the Serial Pins on the DUE to disconnect and have the TX/RX from the FTDI connected constantly ? I guess this won't work as long as the FTDI Chip is powered :thinking: or it might not work at all and block the lines constantly

The code you linked to is an Atmel Studio V7 project,
so there will be some work to be done, before it works in the Arduino environment.

I've not bothered with the serial upload to a Nextion, I always used the micro SD.
So I would prefer to extend the SD to the outside of the enclosure,
or have it accessible in the first place.

You could use a multiplexer for the serial pins, you don't have to use a relay.

I hope you took into account, that the Nextion is a 5V device and the DUE only supports 3.3V.
So a voltage divider on the Nextion's tx pin is needed for in-spec operation.

Just out of curiosity, why do you expect the GUI to change after deployment?

Thanks for your answer. So there is no need for galvanic isolation?
The TX/RX logic on the Nextion is 3.3V though and this is still within limits for 5V logic so it doesn't matter.
The project is not "done" when it gets deployed :laughing: also I think its much faster to upload directly via USB-TTL and I don't like the SD card/card readers hassle.

Nope, as already stated, the Nextion's tx puts out 5V to the poor DUE.

You're Right, I Must have measured the RX only which is actually 3.3V

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