No ADXL345 detected

I'm using first time ADXL345.
I use the Adafruit Library and it says "Ooops, no ADXL345 detected ... Check your wiring!".

I wired like that:
SCL -> A5
SDA -> A4
VCC -> 5V

And I didn't change anything in the "Adafruit ADXL345 sensortest" at all.
My IDE is 1.8.16

what can be the problem? :slight_smile:

Run the I2C scanner to see if the unit is detected, and at what address.

thanks for the answer
I used this:
for the I2C scanner and its says "No I2C devices found"

OK, post a picture of your wiring, and the soldering of the wires or headers on the breakout.

Thats good?

The ADXL345 is a 3.3V part. Where are the 5V to 3.3V level shifters on SDA and SCL?

sorry I didn't get it, what parts?
I connected it directly to the 5V, that's bad? :open_mouth:

Well, it's not good.

The Adafruit board can be config'd for 3V/5V, but this one hasn't that capacity.

The ADXL345 will be destroyed if the SDA and SCL inputs are connected to 5V output signals.

Use a level shifter (some sensor boards have them built in, yours does not), or connect the sensor directly to a 3.3V Arduino.

thanks for the replies
so you think the ADXL345 is burnt out? there is something I can do?

The only way to tell is to wire it CORRECTLY, and hope that it survived the abuse.

Or just buy a new one, and wire that one correctly.

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buy the adafruit unit (linked previously).

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