No exit from "if"

Hi everybody,
could someone explain me why the following scketch doesn’t work? Is a stupid program with 3 leds and a 4.7 kohm thermistor (that one included in the workshop kit - base level).
The problem is that always lights the red led even if the temperature rises from 22°C (green led) to 23 °C (yellow led).
Serial monitor gives me the correct temperature but the red led is always on!!!
Maybe the if cycle is wrong…
Attached the frizing sketch!


!(http://Crepuscolare Sketch_bb.png)

#include <math.h>

const int sensorPin = 1;    
int sensorValue;  
int led1 = 2; //green led
int led2 = 4; //yellow led
int led3 = 7; //red led
float tensione;
float Rt;
float temp;

void setup() {
  pinMode (led1,OUTPUT);
  pinMode (led2,OUTPUT);
  pinMode (led3,OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  sensorValue = analogRead(sensorPin);    
  temp = 10.5915*tensione*tensione - 55.5533*tensione + 67.3157;
  Serial.print(" -> ");
  Serial.print(" -> ");
  Serial.print(" (");
  Serial.println(" gradi)");
  if(temp <= 23);
    {digitalWrite(led1, HIGH);
     digitalWrite(led2, LOW);
     digitalWrite(led3, LOW);}
  if(temp > 23 && temp <= 38);
    {digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
     digitalWrite(led2, HIGH);
     digitalWrite(led3, LOW);}
  if(temp > 38);
    {digitalWrite(led1, LOW);
     digitalWrite(led2, LOW);
     digitalWrite(led3, HIGH);}

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You have never, ever seen any example code with "if"s written like those.
Examine them carefully

Simple answer don't put a ;

After an if statement its no longer a conditional control structure if terminated by a ;

if (condition) /// no terminating ;

Thank you tgsuperspec!
You've been very nice. I will try.