No serial port menu entries


I have a very basic problem, that I happen to not find any solution to.

In the arduino-software the menu "serial port" is non-active. Thus I can't select a "correct" port whatsoever. When trying to upload, I get the error "No Com1 port found, check for correct port" or something. The board itself is connected and seems to work just fine. Maybe there is something fairly simple I just don't see, but right now I'm helpless.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Try this modified IDE:,118440.0.html

If you are on a windows machine, take a look in device manager, to see if the Arduino is recognized

Something like this:

I tried both, and it didn't seem to help (the board was shown in die device manager beforehand), but afterwards I un- and replugged the arduino, and now everything works fine. I have no idea what just happend, but thank you anyways. Thanks a lot!

Do you have another USB port to try?