NodeMCU 3.3v to 1.25v on Digital Pin

Hi All,

How would I go about lowering the voltage from a Digital Pin (D3) on a NodeMCU from 3.3v to 1.25v. I want to control an SSR which on the input side a recommended Control Voltage of 1.25v and max of 1.5v.

Cheers, Nic

If it is just a control signal (not powering anything) you can use a voltage divider.
D3 -> R1 -> SSRin -> R2 -> GND
where you chose the values for R1 & R2 to match your requirements.
If R1 = 1.8K & R2 = 1K you end up at 1.18v reducing the value of R1 will increase the voltage, (1.67K ends up at the 1.25v you are looking for but it is not a common value for resistors)

I'll try using a divider. I need a typical current draw of 1.2mA, how will that go with a divider setup?

Any drawn current will influence the divider. (dropping the voltage) Voltage dividers are normally only useful for logical inputs. If the divider doesn't work, you could try an opto-coupler opening a 1.25v power source to the pin.