Nodemcu ESP8266

my name is Giuse64 and after having introduced myself in the special section I am writing to you about my problem with the programming of the nodemcu esp8266.
As I explained I am very distressed in programming with C ++, I have run some Arduino projects with the related scketch that I found on the net, some with problems and others not and now I find myself stuck with this and I do not understand why.
What I want to achieve is a clock with the led strip piloted of the ESP8266 like those that are on the net but with a particular structure that is my thing and we say that is not the problem.
The sketch and the libraries are here:

The error I get is this:
Error when compiling the Nodemcu ESP 8266 or better

SECS_PER_HOUR was not declared in this scope

time_t _syncInterval = SECS_PER HOUR;

return secsSince1970 + (time_t) (totalOffset * SECS_PER HOUR);

If I understood correctly the problem is related to the library ntp.h and ntp.cpp

I tried other libraries but nothing.

The card is set well in the IDE of Arduino because other sketches safely load them except this :-(.

Please could you help me?

Thank you

welcome Giuseppe

I think it's defined in this library Time.h

Hello J-M-L
thank you for answere,i have this library but don't work :-((((
I'm desperate I do not know what to do anymore
I have to finish this job.
Sorry for my bad english,i'm Italian.

Thank you again.

#define gamestartpoints 20 //number of points a player starts with, this will determine how long a game lasts
//#define SECS_PER_HOUR 3600        //number of seconds in an hour

byte mac[6]; // MAC address

What happens if you uncomment the //#define SECS_PER_HOUR 3600 line?

Hi groundFungs
nothing don't work :-(((((