NOOB QUESTION// Arduino Pro Mini - single button.

hi folks, ive been searching for hours and cant find any help for connecting a simple button to the arduino pro mini.

its powerd through battery at the raw pin, and i´ve uploaded the "button" example that comes with the arduino software.

but i dont know how to wire it up.

the problem is that i dont know, from which pin i can get the 3.3 volt to send it through the button and the 10k resistor into the digital read pin.

please help me, im getting so fucking frustrated because its so damed nooby.

greetz, johannes.

It certainly is.

Remove the swear words and maybe someone will help.

Plus... the examples and the reference page actually answer your question better than I can... You don't even need the resistor -- just the switch.

I suggested he try the tutorial:

and this

pinMode(pin, INPUT); // set pin to input
digitalWrite(pin, HIGH); // turn on pullup resistors

and hook one side of the switch to the digital pin and the other to the ground,

The you can read that pin. It should be high when the contact is open, and low when it is closed…