[Noob Question] Is there any way of remotely contrling a RAMPs+Arduino based 3D

As my printer is in another room, I have been looking into setting up a server from which to print, and I would like to stop walking to and from any time I want to print. In the Repeater Host printer settings, I tried setting "Repetier-Server" and starting a Repeater Server.

When I want to install a new printer, it asks for a COM port, and so on... All goes well so long as it's connected to the PC, I can connect to the printer. It disconnects as soon as I unplug the USB printer. I open the repeater host window after unplugging, and it connects when I press 'Connect'DUH!. I'll see 'Linked to Server successfully' in the log window. But in no way can I power the printer.

For the poor explanation, I apologise.

Does this relate to Arduino? Well I guess it is, but you gave no clue that it is...! What is the Arduino board, etc.?