Not able to connect to Deutsche Telekom Network via NB-IoT

I use the MKR 1500 and the SARA R410M-02B-01 without an external antenna. I recently updated via putty/SerialSARAPassthrough to version L0.,A.02.04, however the update to L0.,A.02.16 failed in stg1 with all three different delta packages.
Im trying to connect to my operator Deutsche Telekom (no external antenna installed).

The getICCID and getIMEI sketches work and return the respective strings.
However the NBScanNetworks just signals it is but than doesnt return anything.

These are the returns I get from the AT commands:

AT command return meaning
AT+COPS=? CME Error Operation not allowed modem is in a state which does not allow performing the entered command (p. 41)
AT+COPS? 0 default, automatic network detection
AT+CFUN? 1 fully active
AT+CEREG? 0,2 URC disabled, Modem is searching for networks
AT+CPIN? Ready there is no PIN
AT+UMNOPROF? 31 Deutsche Telekom
AT+CSQ 99,99 not known, or not detectable
AT+URAT? 8,7 NB-IoT is primary, M1 is secondary
AT+UANTR=? 0 default, cellular
AT+UBANDMASK? 0,524420,1,524420 Telekom profile

Some people found that there were mistakes in the modem libraries that could result in the modem stuck in an unrecoverable state. It seem they were addressed at some point.
( Library use of POWER_ON and RESET_N · Issue #47 · arduino-libraries/MKRNB · GitHub )

Has anyone any ideas on what might cause the problem?
What can I check to verify that modem is fully functional?

Which SIM are you using? I am using 1nce since more than 1 year and getting closer to an stable behavior day by day :wink:

Tip: attach 18650 with an "HW 107" inbetween

Meanwhile I was able to connect to the network of Deutsche Telekom. The uBlox support told me that the connection of an antenna is imperative for the modem to work properly.

I have no idea why seemingly Arduino is the only store that puts an antenna in the box. Others stores (Antratek, Mercateo) just dont mention a single word that the MKR1500 wont work properly without an antenna.

Because the MKR1010 Wifi doesnt have an external antenna, I was convinced that the antenna for the MKR1500 is only for those who need really good sensitivity.

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