Notifications And Indications Disabled (nRF Connect)

When I use nRF Connect (on my Android tablet) to sniff a Nano 33 BLE that I'm using as a peripheral to send notifications to a central, then when looking via nRF Connect, it states:

"Read Response received from descrip. 00002902....." followed by "value: (0x) 00-00" followed by "Value: Notifications and indications disabled".

I can indeed enable notifications by tapping the three little down-arrows in the nRF App to the right of where it states "Unknown Characteristic", "Descriptors:", etc. The values are then displayed, which is good.

However, I have another Nano 33 BLE which also acts as a peripheral (I'm not able to access the source code) that uses the same service and characteristic, and the nRF App displays its values without me having to tap the three arrows.

I don't know if/how much the following link and quote below is related, but is there a way when using Arduino, to write "01-00" to the descriptor? or am I barking up the wrong tree...

Can I enable notification in my ble peripheral? - Nordic Q&A - Nordic DevZone - Nordic DevZone (

"The Master Control Panel does not automatically write to CCCDs unless you click the "enable services"-button or manually write e.g., 01-00 to the descriptor.".

Please see screenshot.

Cheers, Gary.

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Solution here: Feature Request... Option To Set CCCD Value

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