Novice LED shift indicator bar

So last week racing I noticed how much of a pain it is to see the tach while racing. Id like to put something mounted on top of my dash more in the peripheral sight line. Ive decided the best way to do it is arduino. Id like to make a bank of 16 bi color leds. Id also like to interface with the ecu over the kwp2000 k line from the ecu. Id like to pull the 8 bit engine rpm. Then have siccessive leds come on green, the second to last 3 come on yellow, and the last 3 red before all turn red and flash. I know I need to multiplex the less and use an led controller. Could someone tell me if this is a feasible project? I have a good grasp on the ecu and assembly coding for that, but not much about the arduino system.

Might look into WS2812 or NeoPixel strips. They would make the LED part easier. 1 pin to control a bunch of individually addressable RGB LEDs.

Have you googled kwp2000 k arduimo ?

Tom.... :slight_smile: