NRF24L01 and more than 10 slaves


I'm lost between all the threads and the different libraries

I have to send only a number from 1 to 32 to more than 10 slaves at the same time using 1 master, and nothing else. (using the NRF24L01 chip)

All the libraries talk about pipes, sending message back,....

I only need a one way communication.

Someone already did that ?

Thanks for your help !

If you disable autoacknowledge you can (successfully) send to any number of clients. You will not know whether anybody copied your message, but that's normal for a broadcast.

Okay thanks, but is there any library that is the best and easiest to do that ?

Handling of autoacknowledge should be contained in any library.

After study of the nrf2401 datasheet (which is a must to use that chip anyway), you could easily add it (or expose it if hidden by private: or protected:) yourself.