NRF24L01 doesnt work with Arduino leonardo

I've made an PCB with an NRF24l01 (and some other stuff). But the NRF24l01 doesn't really work. I've tested the code (an HowToMechatronics example) with an Arduino nano connecting to an Arduino UNO and that worked fine but Arduino Leonardo (Atmega32u4) to Arduino UNO doesn't work for some reason. here is the wiering:

may be this can help

Those are both Arduinos with a 5V VCC ?

The NRF24 had a maximum supply voltage of 3.6V.

jeah its connected to 3.3v

OK but that is not what the schematic says.

Where are the NRF24s connected to 3.3V, if its the 3.3V pin of the UNO for instance, that likley wont supply enough current to power the NRF24 as a transmitter, the Leonardo the same maybe.

nah the NRF module uses 0.23 (something) mA i think the 3.3v pin should supply enough

The 3.3 volt supply is generated by the on-board regulator for the Leonardo, the spec states a Maximum current draw of 50 mA.

Anything else connected there?

nope i only have 8 neopixels connected to 5v but theyre off for now

OK. Worth trying may be with a different source to exclude this hypothesis as these are sensitive to power quality.

Your 8 pixels could draw up to 480mA… that’s a lot

can i connect the gnd and 3.3v to an external psu and the data pinns to my board?

Yes, just connect the GND of your external power supply to your Arduino's GND as well so that they share the same reference

ok so ive connected it to souch a thing

on 3.3v but it still didnt work

You have to use the SPI pins on the ICSP header on a Leonardo, not the usual D11-D13.

ok so how exactly? wich pins are the icps pins? i havent found anny info about it

The ones labelled ICSP on the circuit board.

Take a look here;

? ive connectet MISO to MISO, MOSI to MOSI, SCK to SCLK, CE to 9 and CSN to 10. whats wrong about it?

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