Obstacle avoiding Robot(2 Wheeled)

I am making an obstacle avoiding Robot with the help of Arduino UNO and Adafruit Motor Shield.It is a two Wheeled Robot and it uses one ULTRASONIC DISTANCE SENSOR to calculate the distance.The sensor is mounted on a servo motor(it chooses the best possible direction).It's my very first project with Arduino and i am having a very hard time dealing with Sketching.Can somebody Help me out with the code..It's urgent Please :cold_sweat: pls..pls..pls

Post what you have already. Also you are not the first person to do this, so a simple google search should be very beneficial for you.

Google it.... U will find what u need. We promise :)

There are numerous examples online. Include the word "arduino" at the beginning of your search topic and "example" at the end of the keyword string.

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