Obstacle Avoiding Vehicle Help

I’m trying build my first obstacle avoiding vehicle. I’m running into problems when trying to power the vehicle. I am running 2 DC motors and 1 Ultrasonic sensor along with the Arduino. Motor shield is powered by 9V battery. Arduino powered by another 9V battery. When connecting the batteries to get the vehicle powered up, nothing happens. If I disconnect the jumpers from the Ultrasonic Sensor that connect to 5v and GND. Then the motors start up, but sensor is no longer connected. Any help or ideas is appreciated.

9v PP3 batteries are totally useless as they cannot provide enough current even for a very short time and they have very limited capacity (mAh) as well.

Use packs of 6 AA NiMh batteries or LiPo batteries - but LiPos need to managed carefully so they don't go on fire.


Always get LiPo packs with built-in protection circuits. And add a fuse since LiPo's can put out 100's of amps and melt your entire circuit wiring it theres a short.

NiMH's aren't so powerful so a fuse isn't as important.

Thanks for the tips. I will try. Just wondering if my wiring is correct also. But really appreciate response.