Old 4x2 keypad wiring query

Hi - beginner here. I'd like to get this 4x2 button pad connected to an Arduino but I don't understand the wiring...it doesn't seem to resemble standard button matrix systems I've looked at but I'm not good at reading circuitboards. Any thoughts...? (Looks like it's using 6 wires of this ribbon cable.)

(It's part of an old MIDI instrument I'd like to convert to Arduino; background here).



Actually, forget this, I think I might see it now...two columns and four rows I think...:slight_smile:

Yes, it is indeed four by two - depends on which way up it is. :grinning: Six connections, diodes included so you can determine multiple button presses correctly.

You have followed one of my recommendations - take photos in full daylight. The resolution is almost adequate, but really should be no less than two Megapixels. But take the photos in the shade to avoid shadows.