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i see lots of projects an tutorials for the younger users an this is great but are there any tailored towards the much older end of the scale as i feel that older user need a different kind ofencouragement and help are there any such tutorials for us ancient ones any suggestion welcome apart from snide comments etc
dave c

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As the author of many of the tutorials on this forum I can tell you that I do not consider the age of the person the tutorial is for when I write a tutorial, I do however consider both the ability they have and the ability they need to understand the tutorial.

While I can't speak for others who have written tutorials I do not believe they take age into account either.

By the way, I am 60 but don't feel a day over 21 (and a half).

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In which way?

My body is 72, bit I think that my mind is about 14. :joy::joy::joy::joy::sunglasses:

RV mineirin

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64yo here...

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obvioulsly no one feels the way i do about tutorials

I am 81 years young. Perhaps you can give a concrete example of an Arduino tutorial that is bothering you.

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Perhaps it would be helpful if you asked questions about a tutorial you have difficulty with, then maybe someone can help you with specific things you don't understand.

Perhaps the challenge is in the title…

I believe this section is for tutorials on specific elements, techniques or challenges that usually stump people.

A full introduction to Arduino and C++ wouldn’t really fit in here, and there are plenty out there already.

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