I have done every tutorial one the arduino website and I would like to learn more. Does anyone know where I can find more information or tutorials?


Lady Ada has a bunch of tutorials that are really good. If you have already done a lot, they might be on a too simple level for you, but check them out. She is really good at explaining the why’s and hows.


Ya i have done all of ladyadas tutorials, They are really good but in looking for more advanced tutorials. Also Ladyada could you make the last 6 tutorials that say “comming soon”. Because I think theres alot of newbies (like me) that would really benifit from them. And does anyone know any other tutorials?


If you’ve done all the tutorials isn’t it time you started to do your own projects. You can only learn so much from copying what some one else has done. You really start to learn when you do it yourself. And that is the real fun bit. :smiley:

This needn’t be too difficult especially if you pick a project that is half one tutorial and half another, then maybe another that takes elements from three tutorials. Soon you’ll be flying and writing your own tutorials.