OLED now very dim....?

Hi all,

I just powered up a project and the OLED display (0.96") is virtually unreadable. I can just see the text on the display, but it used to be very bright.

I have replaced it with another display and that works fine, so not cables or software (it was all originally working fine last year)

So what could cause this? Anything I should be looking at? Or is it toast time for this module? :frowning:

I had the same problem. It was great for about 2 hours of use. Now, you can barely see the chars on the display in a dark room (but they are still there!). I switched the display to 5v, and it improved a little... I suspect its nothing more than a quality issue with the cheap display.

Sounds like the internal charge pump is not working any more.

On the back side of the OLED should see several soldered caps (labeled with C1, C2, C3, etc). Maybe you could try to resolder these caps (hoping that the dim display is caused by a weak solder pad): Heat up one side of the cap, wait for some time, then heat up the other side of the cap.


I checked the regulator and it was working fine. I reflowed the caps and the ribbon cable with a hot air gun/soldering iron and still no joy...... So it's in the bin now. Pity, but that's life!