on/off/on toggle switch - 2 modes of vibration

I'm pretty new to programming, this is my first major project!

So, I want to use a three-way toggle switch to let the user select two modes of operation. The output for this project is vibration so I am using a small vibrator motor. I want the two modes to basically output different vibration sequences.

On (MODE 1) ----- Off (OFF)------ ON (MODE 2)

I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction and give me a little help!
Much appreciated in advance!!

Go forward.

check the sense of humor on this one

You need a single pole double throw centre off toggle switch, plenty of them everywhere and anywhere that sells electronic components.

If you were hoping for more help than that then the idea is you show us what you've done and what you are stuck with. Please read:
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Thank you.