one wire keypad


I am trying on the one wire keypad program.I did exactly told in the arduino forum. I am getting an error, I do not know where I am going wrong.Can anyone please point out my mistake?

#include <OnewireKeypad.h>
#define Rows 4
#define Cols 3
#define Pin A0
#define Row_Res 1000
#define Col_Res 220
// ExtremePrec, HighPrec, MediumPrec, LowPrec
#define Precision ExtremePrec 

char KEYS[]= {

OnewireKeypad <Print, 12> Keypad(Serial, KEYS, Rows, Cols, Pin, Row_Res, Col_Res, Precision );

void setup ()
  Keypad.addEventKey(test, '9'); // Add Function to list | Key to look for
  Keypad.addEventKey(togglePin13, '7');

void loop() 
  Keypad.ListenforEventKey(); // check if an EventKey is found

void test()
  Serial.println("This is a test");
  Keypad.deleteEventKey('#'); // remove function from list

void togglePin13()

error: C:\Users\Lalith\Documents\Arduino\libraries\OnewireKeypad-master/OnewireKeypad.h:64:261: error: expected ‘{’ before ‘Precision’

: port_( port ), latchedKey( BitBool< MAX_KEYS >() ), _Data( KP ), _Rows( Rows ), _Cols( Cols ), _Pin( Pin ), holdTime( 500 ), startTime( 0 ), lastState( 0 ), lastRead( 0 ), voltage( 5.0 ), ANALOG_FACTOR(1023/5.0), Num( 0 ), R1( R1 ), R2( R2 ), R3( R3 ) Precision( Precision ) { }


exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560.

I think there is a ',' missing between R3(R3) and Precision(Precision), you should check the library in the line 64 as it is said by the compiler because in that line it finds an error. As far as I see, I think with the coma you could solve that compiling error but I am not sure that solves the problem because I don´t know about the library but try it by the way

Thank you very much. I thought there will be no errors in the library file and I had made some errors.