Open Source - Arduino playground / Simulator - feedback from all users

Dear Arduino friends

We are working on a free Arduino simulator. Learning can be more fun, and in times, will be easier to verify the code before buying related hardware.




Trraffic light.gif


I just took a brief look at the servo-sketch.
It looks promising!

My feedback:
The setup of three Tabs '.ino', 'json' and 'Simulation' is clear and invites for further exploration.

I noticed there were some HTML- tags visible on the intro-page 'Servo'.
The simulation did not work yet (Chrome browser, Chrome OS). I could turn the knob, but further nothing happened.


Hi BikerMark

I had lost the message earlier. I am surprised to see why it didn't work. Is it alright, if you can share the link and a Screenshot if possible. I will not sleep until I fix this (hoping the fix is easy and simple)

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