Operating motor on Arduino Nano 33 IoT

Hi, im trying to control coin motor with my Arduino Nano 33 IoT. I’ve set up the circuit on Tinkercad using Arduino Uno (i don’t think they have nano option on Tinkercad). It seems to working on the simulation. Would the same setup work on Arduino Nano 33 IoT. I realized that Uno and Nano has different current output from the digital pin. If it wouldn’t work, how should I change the set up?

The code that im testing the system with is just simple turn on and off code:

const int motorPin = 3;

void setup()

pinMode(motorPin, OUTPUT);


void loop()
digitalWrite(motorPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(motorPin, LOW);


I’ve attached the circuit diagram that I referenced from this website(How to Build a Vibration Motor Circuit)
The capacitor is 0.1μF, and the transistor is NPN

Do you have any idea what the motor current requirements are? Until that is known, it’s difficult to provide proper guidance.

Thanks! I believe it requires around 75mA to operate

I would drop the base resistor from 1K down to 470 ohms. Theoretically, you need 7ma into the base of the 2N2222 but that’s the current limit of the microprocessor output so we don’t want to push it to the limit.

While the bipolar transistor will probably work, a logic level N channel mosfet is far better switching device. Lower losses and better able to handle the required motor current.