Opto-isolator circuit for Arduino?


Does anyone have a circuit or must-do's for an opto-isolator circuit for an Arduino. I want to connect three long wires, from weather instruments, to my Arduino. We have a lot of lightning storms in our area so I must protect the Arduino and GSM module from EMF Spikes.

Any ideas, circuits, suggestions?

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Maybe add zener diodes in parallel with LED as well.

Use an appropriate Transorb or a Varistor from each conductor to earth ground. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transient-voltage-suppression_diode http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varistor

EDIT: Do some research on "surge withstand capability" "SWC"

A small opto isolator isn't going to save you from lightning. It should protect from all the pickup induced on the wires, but provide a good earthing stake outside the building directly bonded to the wire.

Lightning jumps many feet at a time (stepped leader), you have to provide a solid alternate route to ground for the current and perhaps a metre or more of isolation to have a chance against a direct hit to the cabling: Using a length of optical fibre / lightpipe to isolate, bright LED at one end, good photo transistor at the other (you can get black plastic coated light pipe to keep ambient light out) - its like an opto-isolator but can be several metres long.

I suspect someone has already investigated such a lightning-proof opto-isolation set-up before, google around maybe?

Do your three long wires carry analog or digital signals ?