Output on android phone using bluetooth

Hello Guys
im new to arduino
I wonder if someone could help me with this code
I would like to know if i would get an output on my android phone with the following code


SoftwareSerial BTSerial(0,1);

void setup()

void loop()

Yes, providing you have paired the bluetooth & written an Android app to receive the string.

What Arduino board do you have?
What Bluetooth module do you have?
How are they wired? Schematic please.

Why are you using SoftwareSerial on the hardware serial pins?

Have you an app on the phone that can talk to Bluetooth?
Have you paired your Bluetooth module (connected to the mystery Arduino) with the phone?

Big mistake. Either use software serial on some other pins, or get rid of software serial altogether and use just "serial" instead, thereby leaving Bluetooth on pins 0,1 as you have it. No damage done.

You might find the following background notes useful.

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