Output when compiling from command-line in 1.5.2

Hello all,

I'm using the arduino 1.5.2 command line capabilities to compile & upload sketches from a tool I'm developing. I'd like to get the output (e.g. error messages when compilation fails) so I can display it in my tool. I'm currently uploading with (on mac):

open /applications/arduino.app --args --upload /path/to/sketch/sketch.ino

I don't have that much command line experience so I might be missing something obvious here, or maybe there's some file arduino.app writes output to, I don't know. Any help appreciated.


You're not getting any answers so I thought I'd stumble up a suggestion.

Start learning the "dtrace" command on OSX. It allows you to see all the system calls that a command or process makes, or in your case would allow you to see whenever open() or write() is called.

While the process is running you can use "lsof" to see the currently-open file descriptors of a process, but it sounds like yours is short-lived and that probably isn't practical.