P-channel mosfet to control LEDs

I’m using a p-channel mosfet to switch power to a bank of 5v LEDs controlled from a arduino. The p-channel mosfet seem to confuse me more than the N-channel ones so could you guys check the following schematic and let me know if I have this wired right? Thanks.

Your schematic conforms to the general idea.
“P-channel MOSFET”.
Could you be more specific?
[Depending on its VGS spec, some additional circuitry may be necessary.]

I guess the 2.2K there is a test load?

Thanks for the fast response. Here is the mosfet I'm using http://www.mouser.com/ds/2/149/NDP6020P-191508.pdf

Appropriate device.

It will turn on - there will be Drain current (ID) - when the Gate is “LOW”.

Ciss is ~1600pF.
There is an on going discussion here to include a series gate resistor of ~150 ohms.
Using one may help protect the Arduino o/p.
I use one, others don't.

Thanks Larry, I will look into that.

One end of that “150?” should go to the Gate, the other should go to the 10K resistor and the Arduino pin - so that it doesn’t form a voltage divider.

P channel mosfet.png