PCB Routes Width for smaller boards

Now we have to think about to make the PCB Board as Small as we can

So , what would be the lowest width of traces for signal and power ?

Difficult for anyone to advise based on the imformation provided;

What is the project ?
Which Arduino ?
What is the power supply ?
How much current is being used ?
What size is ‘as Small as we can’ ?
What is your experience of PCB design, electronics and Arduinos ?
What are the PCB design limits of your PCB supplier ?

General guidance:

8 to 10 mil for signals, with 12 mil vias.

20 to 24 or more for power traces, with vias sized appropriately.
Gnd planes top & bottom for Gnd connections, vs traces all over the board.
Use vias Named GND to connect the layers.

First of all this is my first post in Arduino Forum

Recently i am designing a Arduino nano board ,
i Used 0.3mm route width for signal , and for +5V route i used 0.625 mm .
But my PCB manufacturer has limitation , they said , minimum route width is 0.76mm .

and only 2 layer .

i am new in PCB designing , but i learned by my own . if you give me your mail , i can send you my work .

thank you .

i used , 0.625mm for +5V

for signlas 0.254mm …
is that okay ?

Yes, 10mil = 0.254mm, that is the standard size I use for 3.3V and 5V signals.

For 5V supply line, width depends on how much current and the distance it has to go.
I use 24 to 32mil, and have even gone to 100, 150 mil for high current traces, sometimes on both sides of the board for an effective 200 to 300 mil wide trace.

If you attach your schematic and layout we can review and offer additional suggestions.

About services, have you checked pcbway ? … they have a limit of 6mil track width and track space and 0.3mm for vias holes for the low-price offer (til 100x100mm pcb), but they can also do smaller ones (but the prices rises for non-standard dimensions)

there are other things to consider as your projects become more advanced.
what is the signal and what traces are next to, nearby or on the same side of the board?

for sensitve ADC signals, you want to keep the traces away from noisy traces.

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yes Gotcha .

You also have to work within the design rules set by your PCB manufacturer. Sometimes smaller traces are available but in a higher cost category.
Google also for “pcb track width calculator”

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I like 50 mil for +5V (if there is room); less inductance.

Like Crossroads does, pelter the ground plain with vias. :cloud_with_rain:

Bridge long traces on the GND plain side.

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