pduino/maxduino+firmata+Arduino Fio


Is it possible to use pduino/maxduino+firmata+Arduino Fio?

So that you can use an Arduino Fio wirelessly with PureData or MaxMSP?

Many thanks in advance for your answers.


Is it possible to use pduino/maxduino+firmata+Arduino Fio?

It’s possible to use Firmata with the FIO.

Whether you can then make pduino talk to the Arduino is up to you to determine. Some people can.

You’ll need something else on the PC end, though, like this:

Thanks for the quick answer.

Right, forgot about the XBee Explorer USB.

I have previously successfully used an Arduino 2009 + Firmata + pduino for some real time sensor/actuator applications for PureData.

I was wondering if someone has had experience with the previously described setup + the XBee Explorer USB.

Thanks again.


The USB cable to XBee explorer to XBee to XBee to FIO link replaces the USB cable to Arduino link. No software changes are required.

Proper selection and configuration of the XBees is mandatory, though.


Thanks for your help!