Pedestrian alert on display arduino

Howdy. I have to do a tinkercad simulation for a topic where I have to display an alert on a screen on board a car that warns the driver that pedestrians want to cross the zebra. I'm a beginner and I really have no idea what to code and no idea to tie the strings. Thank you.

Do you have a better description of the requirements?
What kind of screen?
How do you plan to sense pedestrians?
What is a zembra?

So I want to use an LCD to display an alert message like "Attention, pedestrians on the zebra" or "Attention, pedestrians in the area". This display is supposed to be placed on the car and the message appears when the pedestrian presses a button next to the pedestrian crossing without traffic lights.

If you want me to explain more easily, I could offer you my instagram or email account to communicate more efficiently.

So a wireless connection between the display in the car and the button switch on the street crossing?

Keep it on the forum so everyone can see to help or learn.

That's the idea ! Or there is another option, but I don't know how to explain it. Basically, it is not necessary for the pedestrian to press a button, but only to pass through that area and a sensor to detect its presence, and that sensor to send an alert on the display inside the car. This variant seems more logical and much more useful

  • so you have a PIR sensor detecting "presence" in a certain area (tons of tutorials for PIR sensors)
  • you have a button to say "I'm here be careful". That button needs to be on a timeout

To keep things easy, flash a LED when you detect one of those two input events

Next decide how the information will be transmitted to the car and play with that technology to understand how to send a message

then merge the two codes

(alternatively the detector could be in the car)

Non-contact method of sensing a person could be using ultrasound (ultrasonic rangefinders like the HCSR04).

Or IR light gate where you have a modulated IR beam that is broken by someone moving through it. The beam must be modulated to reject ambient light.

But you may be limited by what is available in TinkerCad. I have little experience with TinkerCad and little interest in learning it.

Edit: PIR probably better than US or IR light gate.

I read your message, yes, I do not necessarily refer to tinkerkad but to any existing program, but I need someone to guide me. I'm more than a beginner.

I suggest that you:
Follow the suggestion of @J-M-L and look at how PIR sensors are used.

Look into using simple 433MHz radios. You just need one way communication so those might be just the ticket. See this page.

A simple LCD is the 16x2 LCD with I2C interface. See this page.

Arduino language reference.

we have all been beginners
we have learnt by studying and getting our hands dirty in code

so start from the start... learn about Arduino, learn about programming, study and play with examples that are relevant to your use case. Nowadays it's way easier than when I learnt programming.. You can search the web and get zillions of video, articles, tutorials etc on everything you need...

but that will work only if you invest enough time in it.

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Hi, @bogdanm98
Welcome to the forum.

Can you please post a copy of the assignment sheet explaining what is required.

Can you please tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom.... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Hi, very little experience, I did some experiments in college, but only that. Now I need for the license exam.

Can you please post a copy of the assignment sheet explaining what is required?

What license?
How do they expect you to do this exercise with little or no programming experience?
What level of programming knowledge is expected?

Tom.... :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

Bachelor's degree. I chose this topic, I finished the theoretical part, now I have to work on the practical part. I'm trying to do something simple, but no matter how simple it seems, it's still hard for me.

How do you envision getting a signal from the pedestrian crossing point and the moving car?

Thanks.. Tom.. :grinning: :+1: :coffee: :australia:

I read something about infrared sensors, they would detect the presence of pedestrians in a certain area, but I don't know how to send a warning message on board the car.

we don't either. You have to decide. A wireless Communications seems appropriate (but you'd still get the message after the car passed the zebra unless you have a very directional antenna)

The message must be sent from a predetermined distance so that the driver knows how to adjust the speed for example.

if there is a pedestrian, driver needs to stop :wink:

if you use RF, the message will travel to a certain distance. So you need to adjust how far it goes (which is not easy)