Perimeter monitoring system

Hi, everybody!
I’m newbie in the Arduino World and I need in help of professionals!
I’d like to make the “Perimeter monitoring system”.
What I want:
If a man walk through the door and crosses the IR-ray and/or if there any sound and/or if there any movement I’d like to make a 30-60 sec video with sound and write it to the SD card. I want that this “thing” will work from my home electricity, but if there is no electricity it should work from a battery (about 1-2 hours).
It will be great if this “thing” will have a remote control to turn it on/off.

I don’t know anything about arduino. It will be great if you’ll tell me a list of parts to create this device.

Sorry for my poor English!

Thank you very much!

Video bandwidth is well beyond the capability of an Arduino - you need a camera module which can automatically record to its own SDcard and be controlled remotely.

An ultrasound or passive-IR sensor will probably do the job, readup about their particular sensitivities to decide which is best.

You may also find there are units that can do all of this already without needing to roll your own.