Phi-1 shield kit available now (LCD,GPS,RTC etc.)

This is the shield I’ve made to help beginners to prototype with many options. I have also created a whole bunch of programs that you can use to start off your projects: GPS display/tracker, alarm clock, Morse code translator, etc.

Here is a list of its functions:

  • 16X2 LCD character display
  • 6 push buttons - four arranged in arrow keys and two more on the side
  • 2 RJ11 ports for long and robust connections with sensors or control devices
  • Optional buzzer and LED in place of the RJ11 ports
  • Real time clock with battery backup keeps the time when Arduino is turned off
  • EEPROM for easy data logging keeps data when Arduino is turned off
  • GPS connector and breakout for this popular GPS module
  • Reset button for Arduino
  • All Arduino pins are brought out for maximal flexibility.
  • Hackable for more functionalities (see the end of the assembling)

I was going to post this on News but I can’t do it there (can’t post).

Here it is for sale:

The online store now carries the full kit, including LCD, real time clock and parts. If you want to use a GPS on it, you still need to purchase from sparkfun.

I’ve got details/codes/videos on my blog: