photo and video slider + timelapse

Hello everybody!
It is a few months that I have in mind to achieve a motorized slider to make panoramic video and that also allows time lapse photography. That’s why I recently bought a igus slider ( and write down a short list of “things” that I wish I could be doing with the slider!
I saw that many others have had similar ideas and some excellent projects have already been realized, but I couldn’t find what I’m trying to do (and with my limited knowledge of electronics and mechanics unfortunately I can’t easily adapt an existing project).

In practice I need that the slider:

  • Move back and forth smoothly
  • Adjust the speed of movement
  • Be powered by batteries
  • (Repeat the last performed movement - same route, same speed - at a later stage though)
  • Move X millimeter every Y seconds
  • Send a signal to the USB camera to shoot (no jack or infrared which unfortunately my camera does not have!)
  • Stop at the limits of the slider

To do this, in addition to the slider, I think I need:

  • Stepper motor (which power? and type? DSLR’s weight will be about 2-3kg and should operate not only horizontally)
  • Motor controller (or just arduino?)
  • Arduino (which according to you?)
  • Belts and gears
  • Knobs, displays, etc.
  • A nice case to hold all the controls and batteries!

I guess that information are a bit 'vague and I apologize but despite having tried to read up a lot I’m lost in a huge amount of data and information, only to understand little or nothing! In any case, the desire to learn and understand is so great, then I assure you that if there is to be studied will study!

thank you!

See World's Easiest CNC System for Machining | Inventables for pulleys/belts.

MakerSlide Camera Slider Control Program at Buildlog.Net Blog

See World's Easiest CNC System for Machining | Inventables for pulleys/belts.

thanks chagrin! interesting example!
but i want something controlled by an analog controller with a potentiometer maybe!