Photoelectric sensors

I’m doing a sumobot for a project at my school, I wanted to use photoelectric sensors to detect the oponent in the arena. I am not familiar with this kind of sensors but my teacher/coach told me they’re one of the best so I’d like to try to implement it on my sumobot, the model of the photoelectric sensor is HYPS80NK, I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with it (how they work, how to implement it with arduino, any kind of example of a code, or any tutorial or anything that could help me understand how to use them), I attached pictures of the sensor and of other two photoelectric sensors for which I don’t know the model.

Thank you!

photoelectric sensors.pdf (674 KB)

photoelectric sensors.pdf (674 KB)

You need a data sheet for the sensor, but this product page description suggests that it simply reports whether an object is present within the field of view.

It won't tell you the "color" of the object or black/grey/white value.

Pololu has much better sensors for sumobots, and pages of information on how to use them.