PHP and Curl - Solved

I am trying to configure Curl to run within PHP on Yun.

I have installed php5-mod-curl
modified php.ini to read the
checked in the library and is there
and written a PHP program which runs fine on a remote web server to call Twilio to send a SMS

when run from yun, the program runs and completes without any errors reported on screen, but the curl call doesnt seem to work.

what have I missed please ?
would appreciate any help - thanks

checked phpinfo() and Curl is enabled OK

only difference I could see with my production setup is IDN is set at No

no idea if this is relevant ?

will do some more checks tomorrow

curl is definitely working in PHP

the only difference I can see between what works and what doesnt work, is that the curl to Twilio requires an HTTPS connection.

Do I need to install something to get that working ?

help !!

Can you produce some error messages? Is there some php/curl option for error logging?

no its not producing any error messages, the page carries on running and produces output after the curl statements.

have checked phpinfo and openssl is not present

I tried enabling the extension in php.ini -, and it made no difference

have checked the extension library and is not there, and php openssl doesnt seem to be available from opkg

I got it working using a Temboo sketch, but it would be nice to get https working from PHP

thanks for any help ...

Can you give a spin to this?

many thanks

curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, false);

fixed it !