Pic programmation for ATMEGA328 ?

Hi !

I'm currently trying to make a customized arduino board. I just bought an ATMEGA328P-20PU for my card. I wanted to test it on the Duemilanove before, but without any bootloader, I can't do anything.

I have a PIC programmer here, but I wasn't able at all to get some information if it's possible to write the bootloader with a PIC programmer (and how to) instead ICSP.

I'm quite good in electronics, usually, but I have some difficulties in programmation.

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Adrien, France

I just figure out that my PIC programmer has also ISP interfacing.

What's the difference between ISP and ICSP ? Can I use the ISP interface of the DataMan programmer on the ICSP port of the Duemilanove ?

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They use different programming algorithms.

The AVR is actually simpler to program. Making a PIC specific programmer work with AVR would not be a fun task.

Making a PIC and AVR programmer as a new project with very few parts is possible.

You can even program an AVR with a parallel port and 3 resistors, although it is not the safest programmer.

You might want to look at: http://www.lancos.com/prog.html

Not very expensive for parts... free software.

If you have a PICKIT programmer... then you only have a programmer that can program PICs.

Dataman programmers can program AVR's with the right adapters.

Thanks a lot for your answer. Now I understand what really is an AVR chip.

While waiting for it, I made a very very ugly parallele programmer thanks to this webpage : http://arduino.cc/en/Hacking/ParallelProgrammer

It worked well for burning one time.

So I guess my PIC programmer is totally useless for any Atmel microcontroller.

I give the AVR designers a LOT of credit for realizing the benefits of keeping the chip programming easy.