picoc based C language interpreter compiled and uploaded using the Arduino IDE

The sketch at IOT_with_your_PC/ESP32Program.zip at master · rlunglh/IOT_with_your_PC · GitHub implements a C Language Interpreter on the ESP32 using the Arduino IDE to create and upload the sketch to your ESP32. This is a fairly complete C Interpreter and it includes addition for AnalogWrite, digitalWrite, pinMode, and enhanced servo functions all tailored to make the most of the ESP32.
The attachment gives a thorough introduction and illustrates the C Interpreter in action.
The C Interpreter includes Debug support in a step by step trace of program execution using conditional calls to Debug and stopDebug functions along with Watch and dropWatch functions that can be conditionally called that report variable values during execution.
The ESP32 is used since it is the only processor supported in the Arduino IDE that has the memory resources and file system support needed to host the interpreter.

ESP32_picoc_C_Language_Interpreter.pdf (1.91 MB)

I forgot to mention that all interaction with the interpreter i.e. editing code, program file browsing, running programs, and debugging is done through a web browser interface. The arduino IDE is just used to compile the interpreter code and upload it to your ESP32. After uploading the ESP32 is a standalone C language interpreter, debugger, and file system for your programs.

Do you have compiled binary for WROOM module?

I have so many compiler errors so if someone already have the bin file I'd be grateful.