Piezo Sensor continuous reading at Serial Monitor

Hi! I’m a beginner in making arduino projects and I encountered this problem. I’m checking the analog value of drum disc piezo elements connected in a 1megohm resistor (based on the same projects on the internet) —when pressed, because I’ll be using that as an alternative to matrix keypad. Supposedly, the assignment of keys {1, 2 , 3…#} will be based on the readings from the piezo and I’ll add resistors on rows and columns to differentiate the values but the serial monitor prints continuous line of numbers when pressed. What’s more confusing is that the serial monitor is consistent on displaying values even though the piezo is not pressed. I tried removing the piezo elements and unconnected the jumper wires, so it was the arduino solely. But there are still numbers in the serial monitor even though there is no input from the piezo element. What could be the problem? Help me please.

You did not Read this before posting a programming question and follow the instructions to post code

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