Pin layout of this PSU nut

Hello guys sorry for creating a topic just for this question but I can't find an answer.
I got a PSU nut (insert) with 3 pins and I just can't figure out the layout of the pins - which is what. Maybe they're all the same. In the images are the datasheet and the nut itself.

That would not be much help, would it ?

The details are in the data sheet that you posted

The drawing has a circuit diagram, and also numbers the pins on the physical drawing - you just need to put these bits of information together.

Plug it in and test it with a DMM. The polarity depends mostly on your plug and not the socket. My guess would be that the back is power and the side is ground, but I could be wrong. I probably am wrong.

Hi @Bezzero

RV mineirin

That I understand but I can't read the symbols. Can't find them online either...

The back one is power and the side/central pins are ground.

Thank you. That popsicle symbol is for positive..?

Just interpreting @ruilviana's diagram.

Or read the data sheet in detail.


Hand over a pair of glasses :nerd_face:

Again, I do not understand these symbols. Could not find them online either.
I tried it and the back one is power and front one is ground, middle one didn't work as either...

Think about how the socket works in practice and relate them to the symbols

Pin 1 is the pin in the centre of the connector - note that it is shaped like a pin
Pin 2 is the outer ring of the connector - note that it represents a spring connector

Pin 3 can be left unconnected. It is used if you want to turn off internal power when plugging in external power, which I imagine that you don't. Note that it has a connection to pin 2 that will be open when the connector is used with external power

Where did you find the image in the original post? Reverse image search finds nothing.

It's from the website of the local store I got it from.

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