Pin Out and Information about Nano Every


Is there more information about the nano every out there? Does only find much about the classic nano and I am not sure if everything is excact the same (e.g. support of interrupts at pins).

Cheers Nils

are not you able to search with a browser? This is nearly impossible!??

The pinout can be found under the tech-specs here. The schematic can be found on the same page under documentation.

Datasheets can be found here on the Microchip site.

And your best bet for specifics is probably the Nano Boards (New Types) section on this forum.


I am looking for somethink like this. Did not find it on the arduino site or somewhere else for Nano Every. Perhaps the best location is the documentation of the microcontroller...

Cheers, Nils

Unbenanntes Bild.jpg|1193x583

@NILSRO The information you posted is for the REGULAR NANO and NOT the NANO EVERY.

This should help.


As found by Google.




thats diffrent from the pinout of the old one and it should be compatible Also Interupt, etc. are missing and there are less PWM outputs. Is that correct?

BTW. that because I am looking for a pinout for every. If thay are fully compitble it would be nice to now if there are more functionallity available on some pins perhaps.

Cheers, Nils

Looks PIN compatible to me.

Yes there are less PWM. But the EVERY is a lot more versatile.

If you need a direct DROP IN replacement for a regular NANO that uses the extra PWM already then you are stuck with the older NANO.

But if you are on a NEW project then the newer NANO should be an easy better choice just for the many improvements it offers. Go to the PRODUCT page and read about them or check out some of the reviews online.

I am having difficulty wondering what you want and for what purpose when the information you asked for is on the internet or indeed on this very site in the products pages.


I think the guy that used to draw most of the pretty pictures with the detailed pinout info has disappeared :-(

Does this help any: Atmega4809 pinout spreadsheet


Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 5.12.54 PM.png|1312x930

Not as detailed as Westfw's table, but here's my take on it:



Back in August I made a deeply technical review video of the Nano Every, with actual information instead of copying the PR announcement ;) I think it will be useful for anyone migrating from the classic Nano or trying to figure out which is better for a project.

On the topic of interrupts, which I did not cover in that video, I can update that you can attachInterrupt() to ANY IO pin of the Every. The ATmega4809 doesn't support pin-specific external interrupts; it uses port-wide interrupts, and the exact pins that triggered them are figured out by the software.

Hope it helps :)