PING ))) Question

How many Ping sensors can i connect to 1 arduino duemilanove board and use the data from them to control 2 DC motors ? P.S The DC motors ar connected to the arduino board true a motor shield ( ) ?

as many sensors as there are pins left on your board

sry i have to ask i did not understand. How many pins left on the arduino board or the motor shield ? the plan is to connect 4 Ping ))) sensors to the same arduino duemilanove board as the Motor shield and the information from the ping))) sensors to control the DC motors true the motor shield! is that possible to have 4 active ping ))) sensors on the same board as the motor shield ? TNX :D

You need one pin per Ping. How many have you got left after using the shield?

aaaa i don't have the motor shild yet that's way i ask this question :| give a click plz on the link to see the shiel and give me an opinion ! TNX

by the way can i use to power my arduino with a 9V bateri and use the same GND and 5V pin for all my ping sensor ( and difrent signal pins ) ?