Ping))) Sensor

Just got my first Ping Sensor today, and was wondering about this issue... when running the sample "ping" code, the serial reads a "144 in, 368 cm" occasionally throughout the readout. Also, the code at

gives a chopped up sound, reflecting that its output is choppy. Is this just how these act, or is something wrong?

Please post your schematic (your schematic - let us see how you hooked it up, not a schematic from somewhere else) and code that you used.

BTW - how do you have it hooked up power-wise; are you using a separate power source from the Arduino? If not, you should.


For the serial reading, I've got it exactly hooked up according to the ping example. 5V to 5V, GND to GND, Signal to Digital 7. Is it necessary to use a separate power source even if it's the only thing running?

I'm going to try plugging the arduino into the wall wart instead of a battery pack to give it full power, in case the battery's low, and if that doesn't work, what sort of sensor power supply would you recommend?