PIR Motion Sensor - With Relays

Hello, I am working on a project where a PIR motion sensor triggers an 8 channel relay. The relays turn on at different times. I could not find a code online for this so I took it upon myself to attempt to write it myself. However, when I set it up, the relays go off by themselves even with no motion. it seems that they are in a loop. Could someone please review the code and see if there is anything wrong with it.
Thank You!!!

int irmotionPin = 4;
int relayPin1 = 5;
int relayPin2 = 6;
int relayPin3 = 7;
int relayPin4 = 8;
int D = 2000;

void setup(){
pinMode(relayPin1, OUTPUT);
pinMode (relayPin2, OUTPUT);
pinMode (relayPin3, OUTPUT);
pinMode (relayPin4, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(relayPin1, LOW);
digitalWrite(relayPin2, LOW);
digitalWrite(relayPin3, LOW);
digitalWrite(relayPin4, LOW);

void loop(){

while (digitalRead(irmotionPin) == HIGH) {
digitalWrite(relayPin1, HIGH);
digitalWrite(relayPin2, HIGH);
digitalWrite(relayPin3, HIGH);
digitalWrite(relayPin4, HIGH);

digitalWrite(relayPin2, LOW);
digitalWrite(relayPin3, LOW);
digitalWrite(relayPin1, LOW);
digitalWrite(relayPin4, LOW);

Do a simple test to determine whether the relays are switched on by a HIGH or a LOW signal by making a direct connection to the 5V or GND pin on your Arduino. The common relay modules are often active LOW.

Beginners often have the misconception that HIGH == on and LOW == off. This is not necessarily true. HIGH and LOW are simply two different states.

The relays turn on at different times.

Of course. That's simply because you tell your Arduino to set one or two, then wait a bit, and then set the others.

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