PL2303 driver forWIN7

Hi,All.Im trying to upgrade to WIN7 and a 64bit machine. I have XPSP3 on a 32 bit and my PL2303 works fine. Searched the forum and internet, downloaded and tried to install but WIN7 doesnt ven find the driver with Windows upgrade. Found E1boxUS17 doesnt work, PL2303 driver installer doesnt have the installer wizard. Any link, THANKS.

Profilec is the manufacturer. The newest drivers are inside the zip file :

Are you sure that it is not automatically recognized by Windows 7 ? Are you very sure that it is not a counterfeit FTDI chip ? Can you retrieve the PID and VID numbers of it (with Device Manager or in linux with 'lsusb') ?

Alas, prolific chips are/were also widely counterfeited, and prolific did things to their library to detect some of the counterfeits and "not work."

I downloaded and installed v1.10.0 Its on the list of programs installed. But I get code10 error. ContolPanel, Devices and Printers shows v3.4.67.325. On my 32 bit machine with XP SP3 it works fine, shows up as v2.0.0.18, VID 067B, PID 2303/5&34BCA7AD&0&1.I got this as a CA-42 cable, literally had to strip it. The chip is a die but fortunately PCB had terminals, so I was able to identfy DTR by trying one by one. Might have to stick with my XPSP3!

Or buy a genuine usb-serial adapter :o

So You would verify that mine is a clone? Just need to be sure instead of wasting time ( which is NOT on my side ).

If it has PL2303 it is a clone. Real UNOs have been using Atmega8U2 and then 16U2 for several years now. Duemilanove (no longer made by Arduino) and Nano use FT232. I also use FT232 on my boards, as a module from, MIKROE-483 |500x200

Clones, counterfeits, and derivatives have been seen to use many other chips: CP2102, PL2303, CH430G, FT232, other.

If it has PL2303 it is a clone.

Any "Arduino" with a PL2303 is non-genuine; there was never an official Arduino manufactured with that chip. The question is whether the PL2303 is genuine (in which case it should work with built-in or Prolific-provided driver), or counterfeit (in which case, it may take more effort to find a driver that works.) I don't know how to tell, beyond the info in the link I posted earlier.

Also, I think Prolific has declined to do new (windows 8+) drivers for some of their older chips.

Those ch430g-based boards are looking better all the time!

Understood, THANKs.

Those ch430g-based boards are looking better all the time!

Would you say that this chip is OK? I found this at

CH340G Serial Port Debugger USB to TTL Converter Adapter Module for Arduino Pro Mini

This is USB to serial module that is based on the CH340G.

It is commonly used to debug various TTL serial devices, upgrade the firmware of routers,

and burn program onto Arduino Pro Mini, LilyPad Arduino directly.


  • Operating Voltage: 5V.

  • Logic Voltage: 5V.

  • Serial baud rate: Up to 115200bps.

  • Support USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0.

  • USB to serial chip (CH340) supports XP, win7 / win8 32bits, 64bits, Linux

That should be okay for the serial monitor. However, to upload a sketch, you need also the DTR signal. I think the 'GRN' is the DTR signal.

The CH340G is not part of the official Arduino boards yet, so you have to install a driver for it. And the Arduino IDE does not automatically recognice the type of Arduino board.

Driver :

The thing that makes me most nervous about the CH340g is the driver software you need to download from an "unknown" vendor...